With massive data collection contributed by the emergence of IoT, maturity of wafer technology and continuous optimization of algorithms, Artificial Intelligence (AI) related applications are receiving attention from all walks of life. It is expected that AI will enter a stage of rapid development in various fields, including smart automation factory, security monitoring and medical care that foresee continuous growth in the future. For example, without the aid of AI for an automatic detection system in the early stage, existing data could only be used for comparisons. But with the use of AI algorithm, systems will be able to analyze the quality and characteristics of the data. Artificial intelligence allows machines to continuously learn and be optimized for efficient reading and testing that would become faster and more accurate than conventional methods.
AIoT Hardware Architecture
IBASE AIoT Hardware Solutions

IBASE's AIoT hardware solutions feature an industrial-grade design ensuring reliability and stability for uninterrupted system operation. These systems leverage GPU and processing power for image processing and analysis, high-speed computation and artificial intelligence. They provide the responsiveness and accuracy needed for demanding edge systems. As AI inference systems, multiple I/O interfaces are supported for connection with high resolution image acquisition hardware to transmit video/images to central management for analysis and training processes in different AIoT applications.

MAF800 Series Industrial AI Computer

The MAF800 series is suitable for use in machine vision and factory automation facilities to automate shop floor processes and defect inspection based on deep learning with automated optical inspection (AOI) or vision-guided robotics (VGR). The MAF800 base model has a compact and fanless design with a high performance 8th Gen. Intel® Core™ i7-8700 processor and extensive connectivity with three GigE LAN ports and six USB 3.0 ports for easy integration in multi-camera machine vision applications including locating and aligning parts for assembly with greater speed and accuracy than manual positioning. It features a 9V~36V wide-range DC input, as well as a 12V DC input that can be used to power a graphics card or a PoE module. Three other configurations of the modular MAF800 series include MAF800-E, MAF800-2E and MAF800-L2E, which are built with a SUMIT module that comprises four PoE ports and a serial port module.

MAF800 Industrial AI Computer


SI-614-AI Industrial AI Computer

The SI-614-AI industrial AI computer supports expansion with NVIDIA MXM GeForce GTX 10 Series graphics cards (Type-B, up to 150W), leveraging the powerful parallel computing capabilities of NVIDIA GPUs to provide multiplexed and advanced image processing. It meets the needs of high-performance of constraint-space applications and can solve harsh environmental application problems. It is designed for AIoT applications within automation, retail and education sectors to empower the establishments to connect and communicate with their customers and audience, reliably delivering high-quality live video and AI analytics contents for use in a control room or other fields. 

SI-614-AI Industrial AI Computer


SI-61S-AI Industrial AI Computer

The SI-61S-AI is a highly scalable player with an artificial intelligence calculation analysis system developed for multi-screen video wall applications. It is equipped with Intel's 7th generation Intel desktop processor and supports multiple players via one Matrox or AMD PCI-E (x8) graphics card, and perform artificial intelligence analysis through another NVIDIA GPU card for AI analysis. High recognition rate from AI analysis will provide on-site personnel with accurate data for better management and judgment.

SI-61S-AI Industrial AI Computer


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