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IBASE has been at the forefront of providing network appliances for network security and application optimization for over a decade, with a diverse range of desktop and rackmount products. We offer an extensive range of network appliances, including 5G MEC edge servers, uCPE/SD-WAN appliances, desktop and 1U/2U/4U rackmount network appliances that are designed to support a wide array of powerful Intel and AMD processors.   

With IBASE, customers can rely on our expertise and comprehensive product offering to meet their networking needs across various industries and use cases. With our innovative products and extensive experience in network appliances, we are well-equipped to help businesses navigate the rapidly changing landscape of modern networking, especially in the 5G era.

Product Features

Independent Ethernet Ports with Various Speeds and Media Options

Independent Ethernet Ports with Various Speeds and Media Options

Advanced Networking Capabilities

  • Various LAN ports supporting copper and fiber connections from 1Gbps up to 100Gbps speeds.

  • Flexibility to choose between copper (RJ45) or fiber (SFP/SFP+) connections.

Advanced Bypass Functions

Advanced Bypass Functions

​Intelligent LAN Bypass Management

  • Firmware-based bypass mechanisms for network failover and high availability.

  • Seamlessly switch to a failover/backup system in the event of a crash, ensuring continuous operation and minimizing any potential downtime.

  • Dynamic runtime control for enabling/disabling through software.

Versatile Ethernet Module for Easy Port Configuration

Versatile Ethernet Module for Easy Port Configuration

Plug-and-play Hot-swappable Modular Designs

  • Hot-swappable modular design for easy configuration and management of Ethernet ports.

  • Plug-and-play compatibility for quick deployment and upgrades.

 Various Storage Options with RAID Control

Various Storage Options with RAID Control

Flexible Storage Expansion Solutions

  • Internal or external hot-swappable hard drives for flexible storage expansion.

  • SATA/NVMe M.2 storage for fast and reliable local data storage, and SATA/USB DOM (Disk-on-Module) for additional storage versatility.

  • Supports RAID configurations to enhance data redundancy and performance.

Enhanced Wireless Connectivity

Enhanced Wireless Connectivity

Supports 5G, LTE, Bluetooth, WiFi and IPMI

  • M.2 slots for inserting SIM cards and enabling LTE or 5G connectivity with dedicated antennas.

  • Mini PCIe slots for adding high-speed WiFi wireless connectivity with external antennas.

  • IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) for remote server management and monitoring.

Multiple Form Factors with Rugged Design

Multiple Form Factors with Rugged Design

Robust Industrial-grade Components for Network Appliances

  • Offers edge servers, uCPE/SD-WAN appliances, desktop and 1U/2U/4U rackmount appliances for versatile deployment scenarios.

  • Industrial and military-grade ruggedized environmental design.

  • Dual power supply options with either AC or -48V DC input for power redundancy.

Application Stories

Manufacturing Cybersecurity

Manufacturing Cybersecurity

The rugged industrial-grade 1U, 2U and 4U rackmount network appliances are built to withstand harsh environmental conditions in mission-critical industrial environments. They act as firewalls to provide all-in-one security with advanced threat protection for industrial networks against cyber threats and attacks.

Enterprise Network Security

Enterprise Network Security

Enterprise network security provides real-time, proactive protection that enterprises need to maintain a highly available and effective information delivery network. Using anti-virus software and firewalls to prevent attacks, the uCPE/SD-WAN appliances help connect enterprise networks over large geographical distances.

Private 5G Network

Private 5G Network

Private 5G networks are on the horizon for wireless communications to meet the requirements of public safety, industrial operations and critical infrastructure. 5G MEC edge servers will benefit enterprises focusing on smart manufacturing, distribution centers and IoT environments in the deployment of private 5G ecosystem.

Our Advantages



In house electrical, mechanical and thermal design with hardware/software reliability & compatibility validation.


To ensure long-term supply, high-quality components are sourced with effective product lifecycle management.


Adopts the latest solutions from both Intel and AMD to ensure a high level of computing performance.


Provides comprehensive after-sales services and technical support to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

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